Analysis of the Music

London Amateur Orchestra Blog brings a new article. This time, as usual, we share one of the latest article published on WKMT Blog.

WKMT Blog was awarded as one of the best 10 UK musical and education blogs. Its commitment to music and pedagogy made them successful in its journey, and we are all happy about that. New articles released every week analysing different areas of music such as singing, piano, violin, guitar, music production or just music history. So it is definitely the blog to read if you are interested in music subjects.

Anyway, in case you miss any, we publish some of the greatest posts here every week. So stay tuned either for posts and events in London with LAO and WKMT London Piano Studio.

Well, in this case, Anthony E., Senior violin tutor and usual performer of LAO, is the person behind this great article. In which he talks about the idea of music along history. The main different eras of music, as well as the main differences such as tuning. As we all know, the Baroque period had a different tuning compared to the Romantic, for example. Mainly because of the different instruments used. Anthony takes advantage of his latest performance for WKMT in St. Cuthbert’s church, as we mentioned in our previous post. In this concert, he accompanied our harpsichordist in their performance of Corelli and Baroque pieces. It was absolutely amazing listening to these two last Saturday. The people who assisted were surprised too with the magnificence of the harpsichord and the pieces of the programme. A very special and unique programme celebrated in London.

Well, let the writer talk about his own article. You can just read it fully using the link aforementioned. We hope you enjoy it. We would love to hear your thoughts.