Bouncing when playing the piano

Did you ever hear about it? Do you know what our Director means with this term?

Juan Rezzuto, our founder, has just published a new article on WKMT Music Blog. He is always ensuring everyone knows or get to know all the different terms and subjects within the piano tuition. That way, any piano student will have a wider range of knowledge within the piano learning process. Learning Vocabulary let’s say. Which is such an important process when learning any subject, as it provides us with a wider idea and resources to fully understand the subject itself.

So well, this time, we bring the topic: Bouncing.

Juan Rezzuto defines bouncing as the movement upwards of the hands when hitting the keys on the piano. We might do it when starting learning the piano as a reflection of the tempo or accompanying the fingers hitting the keys. It is a common practice in the new students, that’s why Juan, as Director of LAO and WKMT London Piano Studios considered helpful to write about it.

The main idea is to propose a name to this action, as well as to explain why it happens, the negative implications and how to avoid it at all terms. That way, whether a student or teacher, you will know now the meaning of this action from now on and avoid it.

Click on the link aforementioned and learn all about it, as well as many other resources you will find about the piano technique to avoid those bad habits when playing the piano.

One of the purposes of WKMT is to ensure all its students are able to play with a proper technique. That will make us playing effectively in an elegant and fine way with all our body on it.