In this pandemic of COVID-19, a few of us continue working.

We should state that we are lucky ones, on the off chance that we keep our employments, and for the most part, we keep ourselves occupied.

On account of the fast adjustment of WKMT to this pandemic circumstance, repression and dread, we have had the option to continue a large portion of the exercises by means of on the web. How we did it?

The studios stay shut, so we buckled down before the lockdown was dynamic in the UK to set everything up; that way our studios keep open for all intents and purposes for every one of our understudies. On account of the daring ones who set out to do the exercises on the web, and work splendidly well.

On account of each one of the individuals who needed to do as such, and continue learning and occupied. It bodes well. Be that as it may, a portion of our understudies wouldn’t learn on the web. That is on the grounds that they didn’t check out it, without a doubt they will like it since it works impeccably.

Anyway, looking forward, as a major aspect of the performer network, we likewise chose to think for when this is a piece of history. Our history. Furthermore, begin getting ready occasions in London depending on new artists, settings to breath life into the music scene back. The music scene has been one of the most noticeably awful hit with these lockdowns. Also, as performers, we need music in our lives.

Until further notice, WKMT has sorted out another old style show in London for October third 2020. At the point when everybody is discussing 2021 the date for when to begin from, we are idealistic and we think about this September-October. Who knows, we may be mixed up, yet in the event that everything has returned to ordinary, why not? For what reason would it be a good idea for us to sit tight for more?

Haydn piano concerto in F played by Maestro Juan Rezzuto, and we will be a piece of the ensemble.

More exhibitions are relied upon to fill this program.

For the time being, remain at home, keep make sure about and don’t quit dreaming.