All about the metronome

We are pretty sure that you heard about it before. Most probably, we would dare to say that you hated it at some point after endless practice time following the timing and tempo.

Metronomes might be one of the most painful tasks within our music training. It is a tedious duty sometimes. However, it is a success in helping us following the timing and tempo of the pieces is undoubted. That’s why, Juan Rezzuto, our Director, has decided to create a post to deeply explain all about this helpful and interesting instrument. It also helps us fully understand the piece as its rhythm and tempo.

It is definitely one of the most important points to go through for any piano beginner student. That’s why he designed his post highlighting the key points to fully understand the importance and its use. And how we can apply or add it to our practice sessions.

  • Full meaning
  • Types of metronomes: Analogue, Digital or the new Apps
  • Help WKMT can provide you with to get the most out of your piano practice.

Juan is based on the piano training, however, the tempo/timing is essential in every single musical instrument. And that is something that must be taught as such to every single music student.

We strongly recommend you all to read the full article by clicking on the link aforementioned. Also, as suggested previously, WKMT Music blog has plenty of posts every week, musical advice, piano tips, composition, and a high amount of many other topics to learn from.

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