WKMT Music Festival

LAO is so proud of releasing a new date for our little orchestra. On June 15th we will all be at the IX Edition of the music festivals happening in London organised by WKMT.

Twice a year, the studio which provides with quality piano lessons in London, amongst other musical instruments, organise a date in which all the students and members will be performing what they learn during the lessons. Either if you are an adult or a child, and either if you are grade 1 or Diploma student, you will have the chance to perform and feel the real emotion of playing for the audience.

Even better if that performance happens in a magnificent venue in London such as St Cuthbert’s Philbeach Gardens, Earls Court. By playing on the stunning Yamaha Grand concert piano. One of the grand pianos with the longest tail ever prepared for this new date.

WKMT Music Festivals are always a success. In the way, since they started, eight editions before, the numbers of performers and guests don’t stop increasing. Such as they needed to move to this new venue, in which we and they usually celebrate our monthly classical concerts. In which our orchestra usually plays too. St Cuthbert’s is big, magnificent and wonderful. Surrounded by art, history and music, it is the perfect place for us as musicians to perform what we know.

In the middle of the festival, our little ones will have the chance of performing some pieces we are working on currently. That way, they also have their own pedagogical chance of performing for all the guests.

There is nothing better for our children to make them embrace the music and art, and socialise with it. Make them busy doing great things which will help them develop themselves for the future.

Read the full details using the link aforementioned which will take you to WKMT website. Book your tickets and more info there. Hoping we see you all there.

Ps. Our sound engineer, the one in charge of recording the entire Festival, is also guitar teacher at WKMT and he brings an article exactly talking about the importance of performing live. Especially for all those new performers.

How to prepare your first performance