All about Diatonic Chords Chapter I

All about Diatonic Chords Chapter II

Harmonic Rhythm – Chapter III

Did you hear about keyboard harmony? Are you interested in know more about harmonisation and composition? If your answers are yes, this is the most appropriate series of articles for you.

WKMT Music Blog has just released a new series of articles in which harmony is the main topic. We must thank Gisela Paterno, one of our cellists in London Amateur Orchestra, for being behind this great series of articles and allowing us to share it with you all through our blog.

Gisela has taken a trending topic nowadays and convert it into a series of articles to help all those students/enthusiasts for composition and harmonisation. Right now, music schools count with every time a higher number of students looking for harmonisation and composition lessons. Even for all those who are into jazz and improvisation music mood, also need this training. This will help you to be able to make some proper arrangements on the piano of songs you already know, as well as improvise new sounds or simply know more about harmony and composition. So if you are any of the ones above, do not hesitate to pay attention to this new post.

In this article, you will learn the meaning of chords, the meaning of diatonic chords and its different harmonic functions. There are three in total as per Gisela’s thoughts and analysis so every chapter will intend to dig deep into any of these three functions or families.

Stay tuned with this post. We will go posting every chapter of this series as soon as they are posted on WKMT Blog on the space aforementioned. You are only a few different chapters away to learn all about chords and harmony. Do not miss it out!