Our Master Instructors in Concert.

Our Master Instructors in Concert.

WKMT London Quartet performing Haydn Piano concerto with Maestro Juan Rezzuto.

October concert in London

LAO is proud of releasing the next concert of our Master Instructors in London. October 13th at 5.00 pm, we all have a date for a wonderful piano concert in St. Cuthbert’s church, Earls Court, London; our usual training venue.

WKMT Piano Lessons London has organised a beautiful concert with a fabulous programme. Juan Rezzuto, its founder and Director, will be performing two Haydn piano concertos:

  • Hob XVIII:2

Our Master Instructors will be accompanying and doing the orchestra part of the piano concerto Hob XVIII:2. A string quartet with two cellos, a violin and a viola by our teachers: Gisela Paterno, Szymon Pawlas, Irene Bejar and Anthony Elward respectively. We are even thinking of adding a double bass to the concert, however, we should confirm later.

This way, we will welcome the new term with new projects and concerts in London. We are really looking forward to starting with the lessons and rehearsals by these fabulous teachers, that way we would start performing in some of the concerts early next year.

For now, let’s present this first concert by the famous piano studio and the wonderful pianist Juan Rezzuto. You can now check all the details in the link aforementioned and even book your tickets through its website. Do not miss this amazing Saturday evening filled with music and art.