Our New Harpsichordist’s Article.

Our New Harpsichordist’s Article.

We have a new instrument for next concerts at our usual venue, St. Cuthbert’s church, London.

Analysing the Harpsichord

We guess we all know when we talk about Harpsichord or Clavicembalo. We know that nowadays it is an instrument not that common as the piano or any other instrument easily found in an orchestra. However, it is still in use and we can find some great concerts of Harpsichord everywhere. In London, for example, we could find some great ones. The truth is that there are not as many concerts as we can find for piano. And that is our main concern, the continuity of the instrument, as well as making everyone aware of the importance of this particular one.

Avelino Vazquez is undoubtedly the right person to lead the Harpsichord at London Amateur Orchestra. He was born and raised in the North of Spain, studying┬áHarpsichord in Barcelona. He is now in London to lead what he committed his life to. He is also teaching piano at WKMT London piano studio, and thanks to them, he is now also able to provide with Harpsichord lessons in London at St. Cuthbert’s church, our usual venue too.

We are proud of having another professional in the team, and overall leading an instrument very special in London. So we are very looking forward to hosting new harpsichord concerts in London very soon.

Although we are here to present his new collaboration for the blog. He wrote an article in which he deeply explores the idea of the main influence on the Harpsichord music. As per his point of view and research, the Lutenists, mainly from France, were the main responsible for how harpsichord music sounds like. He has some ideas and he shares them with us all in his latest article. You can read it fully through the link aforementioned, and stay tuned either for new articles and our next events related to this special and interesting instrument.