WKMT Classical music concert

Today we bring such good news deserved to be posted in our blog.

WKMT and LAO have just released the date of the next concert in London sponsored by the famous piano studio in London and Markson’s pianos shop. March 30th, Saturday evening, both of our orchestras will be on the magnificent stage of St. Cuthbert’s church, London.

On one side, we have the honour to be accompanying Maestro Rezzuto. The famous Argentinian pianist will be playing Haydn. After the success of our previous concert in December 2018, we decided, with WKMT, to organise another and beautiful Haydn piano concerto, which never fail. Rezzuto as the solois and we as the main orchestra playing the piano concerto in G Hob XVIII:4.

Such an honour that we would like to share with you all, as well as count on your attendance to this fabulous concert.

One the second hand, but not least, our cute Children Orchestra will be on stage too this day. Yes, once again we have been given the chance of performing some pieces played by our little student orchestra. So the honour and pleasure in this concert is twice.

Join us on the 30th from 6.30pm in St Cuthbert’s church, for a beautiful musical event. Go to the link aforementioned for more details.

Ps. In case you are looking for an orchestra in London to join to and have plenty of performing opportunities, LAO is your place, and we would love to welcome you.