Our Rehearsal Venue is filled with Tango.

Our rehearsal venue is filled with Tango.

Join WKMT Piano Concert 16th June. Argentinian Popular Music.


We are happy to announce next WKMT Piano Concert at our usual rehearsal venue: St. Cuthbert’s Church, Earls Court, London.

In this occasion, WKMT Piano Lessons London has designed a proper Argentinian programme for its Classical Concert Series planned for the 16th June at 6 pm. It is a joint event within WKMT and Pianist AID. These two performers are the winners of a competition released last year by the latter. These two girls, Aleksandra Tonelli and Carolina Aguirre won the prize for the chance of performing proper Argentinian repertoire in a concert in a beautiful venue in Central London, fully professional recorded. That way they will have a beautiful performance in London to add to their portfolios.

We believe it is going to be such an exceptional programme which will delight us with two different sides of the Argentinian Music. At one side, we have the popular music, including Tango and Milongas. And on the second hand, we will enjoy classical music composed by Argentinian composers. We all will be part of something magical that will take us to the real spirit of Argentina and its cultural influence in its music.

Let’s join us and enjoy a what it will be a remarkable Saturday evening in London full of vibrant music. You can check all the info aforementioned (Classical Piano Concert) and you could also book your tickets. London Amateur Orchestra truly recommends this concert.

We are very looking forward to attending this fabulous concert.

In the meantime, to know better about WKMT Concerts, here we post such a beautiful performance of Trio Espressivo for WKMT Members. A concert organised by the famous piano studio with Tango performance. Again, a proper Argentinian programme that fills London with this inspiring atmosphere.