Amateur piano concerts in London

LAO presents a new edition of the notorious WKMT Music Festivals.

An event in which art, music and joy join together to offer an unforgettable experience for all those who decide to come.

It has been nine editions so far, since the first time the famous piano studio decided to designed an event for all those piano students, and music in general, a day in which they are the protagonists of the concerts. They are doing concerts for the audience. What makes a lot of sense, because studying any musical instrument means hard work, hours and hours practising until you get the piece done.

Actually, that is the main purpose of this idea. When Juan Rezzuto, back in 2011 thought of the problem of the main music schools or private piano teachers that don’t usually provide the students with performing activities. Which is not only not a good idea, but even dangerous for the learning. Why? Because the student might lose the interest of something that they can’t express or present, as well as being boring just studying the pieces for exams and don’t do anything with them.

That’s why, Maestro Juan Rezzuto created the idea of music festivals for WKMT, with which all students would have the chance to show what they are capable of in front of their relatives and friends, plus an audience while being recorded professionally. The perfect set up for any music student to build their own performance portfolio in London.

So let’s said this, now it is time to apply for your position. WKMT allows a certain percentage for non-members of the studio. For that reason, we decided to post it to encourage some young and adult students who never played before in front of an audience. As we mainly say, amateurs.

Click on the link aforementioned and get to know all the details about the event, as well as contacting them using their web message app or calling to 02071014479.

Here one of the young students performing in their last year festival. We hope you like it.