Our Violinist and Her latest article about Violin.

Our violinist and her latest article about Violin.

Learning all about Bow with Irene Bejar.

Analysing all about the Violin Bows

We welcome September and the new musical term in LAO. And what is the best way to welcome the term than with a new music article?

Irene Bejar, our professional violinist and part of LAO, is the person behind our first article of September. She obviously talks about violin and strings instruments. In this case, she brings a brief about bows. We usually talk about the strings instruments, however, we never analysed some of the parts of themselves. So for that reason, Irene expresses her experience and knowledge about the bows.

With this article, she aims to provide our students and public with some great advises about the bows. Such as how to tension the bow, the evolution of itself along the history, which are the best labels in terms of quality and durability amongst others.

She also explains every single part of the bow such as the hair, pad, screw, stick and frog to know more about the material and meaning of all the parts. However, we must confess that the best part of this article is when Irene advises on how the perfect bow should be by describing essential characteristics, and how every single aspect of the bow could make it perfect in terms of quality and sound. Weight, balance and state are some of the most important aspects to get the perfect bow, so let’s read it all and know all about the bows. In case you have a cello, violin or any other strings instrument which needs to be used within a bow, this is an article ideal for you. Go to the link aforementioned and start learning more about it with WKMT and Irene Bejar.

Ps. Do not miss our next concert organised for this 29th September at 5 pm in St. Cuthbert’s church, London. Haydn Piano Concerto Hob XVIII:2 by Juan Rezzuto and some of the integrants of LAO.