Mozart violin concerto & Haydn piano concerto in London

LAO, in accordance to the latest news and situation in Europe, and the UK, we have decided with WKMT to postpone this concert to a later date this year 2020.

With sadness, we donĀ“t see other option unfortunately.

Stay tuned for the next dates coming!

Stay safe!

LAO Team

LAO is proudly in charge of a new orchestral performance in London thanks to WKMT London piano studio.

On the 28th of March 2020 from 6.30 pm in our usual concert venue, St Cuthbert’s church Earls Court.

WKMT has just released the new date for its next classical concert in London. This time, the programme is absolutely amazing. They decided to make a full concert combining two of the greatest composers the history gave us: Haydn and Mozart.

Such an interesting programme too, since we will play the piano and a violin concerto. Yes! We will be accompanying the famous piano concerto Hob XVIII:7 written by Joseph Haydn. A short concert beautifully written by Haydn and played by Juan Rezzuto with his original cadenzas. Our usual piano player for Haydn piano concertos. An honour to be at his side, like always.

On the other side, Paola Delucchi will be in charge of the famous violin concerto Nr 1 by W.A. Mozart. Such a stunning piece which we feel truly proud to be playing too along with her.

So it will be such an experience for us to be playing along with these two great performers. We are now getting ready for it, and you? Will you get your tickets soon? Do not miss it out and contact WKMT through the link aforementioned. Find all the details using the link.

We hope to see you all there! If you would like to come, do not forget to mention the salesperson about LAO and you will get a special price for your tickets. That is a special treat for you!