Piano Hand Settlement.

Piano Hand Settlement.

Juan Rezzuto explains the right posture of the hands on the piano.

“Hand settlement and Left Hand

We unveil the LAO Blog with a new article published at WKMT Blog. We work in association with WKMT Piano London, so as soon as we have interesting and helpful articles about piano and music, we will rapidly post them here for you all.

In this welcoming post, we count with an article written by Juan Rezzuto, our Director in collaboration with WKMT. An article that deserves a reading, overall by all those aware of the technique and the position of the left hand on the piano. Juan explains why the settlement of the hands is crucial for a perfect performance and also reminds the basics of the piano technique, especially the Scaramuzza technique, which he was trained with.

He explains how the weight on the fingers means everything and in the process of getting that you need to relax your whole body, including shoulders, arms and elbows. The purpose of this relaxation process is inserting the hands on the piano in the perfect way weight wise. We need to create a balance in our inner and also in our posture, once the balance is minded, the performance comes along.

Read the full article in the link aforementioned with the title, and check the pieces of advice given by Juan Rezzuto in regards to the proper piano technique. The successful piano technique that so many greatest pianists gave. You could also check more related articles on the blog.