Classical concert in London in April

LAO proudly presents a new musical event happening in London on April 27th in St Cuthbert’s church, our usual rehearsal and performance venue in London.

LAO works as a sponsor of this new edition of WKMT Monthly concerts. This time, none of our musicians will be on stage, however, our colleagues will be shining on it, therefore we wouldn’t like to miss it at all.

WKMT has just designed such a special programme entirely dedicated to Baroque music. Avelino Vazquez, piano tutor in London at WKMT, communicated to WKMT his intention of introducing a new Baroque ensemble based in London with the main purpose of producing a beautiful concert focused on Baroque. This Ensemble is called Beatus Ille, and it is formed by two violinists and one cellist. They are mainly playing Baroque pieces. They have already performed in London. So WKMT and LAO have decided to give them a chance to present what they best do.

Not only that, but we also arranged with Rachel Cooper, our usual cellist in the orchestra to be performing herself as Soprano. Yes, Rachel is actually a Soprano, however, she also combines her musical passion with the cello. But she is now ready to show us what she is able to do with her fantastic voice too.

Within this programme, you will listen to pieces like Arias, Suites and Sonatas by the most famous Baroque composers like Corelli, Purcell or Handel. This four musicians will be accompanied by the wonderful sound of our harpsichord placed in the church and played by Avelino, the main head behind it all.

Happy Easter everyone! We do hope to see you all next Saturday to e a witness to a fantastic Baroque programme in London like it has never been before. Every concert is unique, and overall, if they have been organised by the experienced Music Studio in London WKMT. They know how to get the most out of it.