My experience in learning the Scaramuzza Piano technique


Georgios Kommatas, our regular double-bass player in London Amateur Orchestra. He is also a piano teacher at WKMT London Piano Studios, therefore he needed to learn and understand the proper Scaramuzza technique to teach his students. This has been inherited by our founder Juan Rezzuto. Pupil of Bruno Leonardo Gelber, who has committed to share the famous technique there where he goes.

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All students at WKMT are instructed through the Scaramuzza piano technique. That is the main commitment of Maestro Rezzuto. Share with everyone in his studio this powerful technique. Which is an asset for the school, since most of the piano students in London, don’t learn any technique.

Since 2010, this came up as a must in all WKMT Lessons. Everyone will start from scratch learning the technique. This way, they will develop all the skills needed to be fantastic players, as the best pianists were trained in the past.

Georgios, as a teacher, will need to learn this technique, to share it at the same time with the students. So he thought it would be great to share his experience to show everyone how learning a technique is about, and how this could help us all.

How can this help you?

In this case, Georgios has reflected all his experience when learning the technique. During the lessons with Maestro Rezzuto and his practice time.

So well, in the article mentioned, Georgios has split his experience into four different steps. Four steps to better understand the way of work throughout the learning of this technique, as per his own experience. Including also the benefits achieved and reached using this technique.

For example, he mentions benefits such as the dexterity on the fingers thanks to the full relaxation of the body, as well as the powerful way of concentration on the music, leaving all the concerns about the playing apart. This happens thanks to the control obtained learning the technique. You don’t focus on anything else, apart from just playing and feeling the music. Your body will respond to your needs.

So, in that respect, how could this help us? Creating a way that makes us relax, train our muscles implied in the performance, and learning the essential movements. All these will help us create on our own body a way of playing relaxed and powerfully. Focusing on music, and expression of the piece.

How to start learning the piano technique?

First of all, click on the link aforementioned and access to the full article with his experience. If you have any question or comments, do not hesitate to comment below.

And then, if you would like to start with your training, whether your level or age is, do not hesitate to contact WKMT on 02071014479 to get a quote for your lessons and a personalised programme.