The Attachment to Our Instruments.

The attachment to our instruments.

The extension of ourselves: Musical Instruments.


Today we bring an interesting topic for all the musicians. Our musical instruments accompanying us all day long, for passion and profession. All the musicians reading this will understand this idea Irene Bejar has written about.

Our Senior Violin Master Instructor talks about some anecdotes about Stradivarius violins. The famous label of violins of some of the most famous violinists of the history. Some stories that make us think about the importance and attachments of the musical instruments, in this case, violins, to every musician. How that instrument becomes a crucial and essential part of their lives. I guess some of our students will truly understand the idea of the instrument as if they were only one. Something that accompanies us during either our performances, rehearsals, and profession.

There are actually some movies about this same topic such as Le Violon Rouge by the director François Girard. The story tells the different lives of a very beautiful reddish violin through different owners. A movie recommended watching as we fully understand this emotional attachment.

Read the full article at WKMT Blog and enjoy some of the most famous stories around violins. Some not that good, although interesting to know and to empathy with the owners.

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