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Experiences of a WKMT piano tutor

Are you planning to start with piano lessons for your kids, for yourself, or music theory or any other instrument? Are you a complete piano beginner student and you have plenty of doubts/questions before start with it? Asking for advice to clear your doubts is the best way to start.

At WKMT, we help everyday students or parents for the most suitable study plan making sure they fully understand the idea of music tuition and where to go forward.

In the same way, Sabrina Curpanen, one pianist of our team teaching at WKMT has decided to bring a series of articles in which she will present some of the common questions we, as teachers, usually are asked about piano tuition or music in general. The idea is to explore the common doubts a beginner student or parents might have before committing to the tuition going forward. It is a great chance to fully understand some of the main concepts and reasons we do it that way. Also, why we teach certain topics and why we are more pushing in some others. Technique, theory, performing as some of the main topics to know and understand why are so important in any musical training.

This is the first part of a series created by our colleague. Which we believe it will help so many students, parents or maybe some people who would like to start with piano tuition but they have several questions before it.

Well, if you readers click on the link aforementioned you will have full access to the article, also having the chance of browsing WKMT Music Blog. With this blog, you will be able to find plenty of musical articles about hundreds of different themes and topics which will help you immerse yourself into the world of music.

Next chapters of this series will be published on the blog too. So stay tuned to start discovering music as part of your life training.