Violin leader advice.

Violin leader advice.

Irene Bejar, our main violinist at the Orchestra, writes about violin lessons.

Your first violin lesson at WKMT with Irene Bejar.

Today, we take the chance to talk about Irene Bejar, professionalĀ violinist taking part in London Amateur Orchestra. And what is the best way to introduce her? By sharing her last article published at WKMT Blog. An article in which she explains how to face a first violin lesson.

With this article, she would like to share the idea of a first music lesson, including the common subjects analysed and typical questions asked during the lesson. For all those willing to start either learning or teaching violin lessons, this will be helpful in order to know how to face it and what you will learn.

The first question we sometimes need to answer: Can we learn how to play a musical instrument on our own or through tutorial videos? Of course, you might be able. However, would you play it properly? The answer is no. One of the most important ideas a professor needs to make us understand is the technique. You could be able to play a piece, even an entire sonata or ballade, however, the technique is not going to be the right one. The technique gives usĀ not only the aesthetic idea but also the ability and dexterity of playing confidence and comfortably.

Getting professional tips and advice from a professional who already knows you and knows your dexterity, skills, abilities and difficulties, will make easier the learning process. A learning based on you.

We recommend you all read the article in the link aforementioned and do not miss the chance to read related articles published every week on WKMT Blog. The famous music studio of London at your reach.

Here we share a rehearsal of Irene Bejar and our Directo Juan Rezzuto before their performance at St. Cuthbert’s church, with Haydn Sonatas and Piano Concerto.