Our Viola player and his New Article.

Our Viola player and his new article.

Learning a bit more about Music.


At LAO, we have a new article on the blog. Thanks to WKMT Music Blog and Anthony Elward.

Anthony Elward, piano and violin teacher at WKMT, is now also part of our LAO Team. Anthony will be playing the viola in the concerts arranged for 2018/19 in London. He has previously experienced performing in London in different venues and accompanying several pianists. Now he is fully available to help us with our next concerts in London.

In his new article for WKMT, he places a musical topic: Folk Music. Anthony is now rehearsing some folk pieces with also one of WKMT Teachers for what is going to be a nice performance at WKMT Classical concerts very soon. And that is something we are very happy about. We are glad to announce that LAO has a new Harpsichord player, Avelino Vazquez, Galician musician formed in Barcelona. A truly passionate for the harpsichord now playing for LAO and WKMT London.

So well, Anthony, while rehearsing in some folk pieces with Avelino on the harpsichord being accompanied by himself with the violin, took the chance to talk about folk music and some interesting ideas about it.

Do not miss the chance to read it fully and do not hesitate to follow us to know our next events and concerts in London for this 2018 and next 2019. Click on the link aforementioned with the title of the article and know a bit more about folk music. We suggest you to check more about folk music from your origin country. We all have folk music in our veins, we just need to find which and how it sounded like. Some of them are still on and some are not, let’s find out more about it.