The challenge of performing in front of the audience.

The challenge of performing in front of the audience.


London Amateur Orchestra provides with performing opportunities in London to all our students and WKMT Students. Our commitment is to create an Orchestra formed by different levels students and professionals with the purpose of giving them opportunities to perform in great venues and concerts in the city. Some of them will be experiencing the first steps in performing and therefore playing in front of the audience. That’s why we usually post some learning and helpful articles for all those who need some advice and tips for their future appearances in public within music.

In this case, we bring an article written by our violinist Irene Bejar, one of the professional musicians who isĀ also part of the LAO. She is also violin teacher at WKMT Piano and Violin Studio and helped Juan Rezzuto, our Founder in some of his concerts. In her article, she explains the idea of performing and why at some point we might feel scared about it and how to overcome those fears make us fail the performance we have prepared a long time before. She also points out good thoughts to bear in mind before every performance.

You can enjoy the full article by clicking on the link aforementioned. We recommend you to browse some related articles on WKMT Blog which will help you all to make the best performances ever.

In the meantime, we post a Sonata section given in the concert of March 2018 by Juan Rezzuto on the piano accompanied by Irene Bejar with this wonderful Haydn Sonata in our usual venue St. Cuthbert’s church, London. Follow our blog to get in touch with our next concerts and news.