Learning Orchestral Music with WKMT

We bring a new article to the blog thanks to WKMT London.

This time, we count on Anthony Elward’s participation. One of our violinists at LAO has recently written an article for WKMT Blog in which he explores the idea of the music for orchestras. Something we truly understand, and for that reason, we thought it would be great to share it with you all.

The idea of his article is to have a better idea of orchestral music. Going through the main composers, styles of music, eras, instruments and some essential ideas properly from the orchestral music.

For all those who yet don’t know, at LAO, we are a group of musicians passionate for music and performing. Thanks to WKMT London Piano Studios, we are able to perform every single month any Joseph Haydn piano concertos accompanying Maestro Juan Rezzuto. We are also planning the Violin concerto No 1 by Mozart for this December, and many more for the next year.

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